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Kommende Termine / Upcoming dates:

29.07.2023 (Deutsch):

Minimum participants required for the event to take place: 4 - Maximum participants: 10

Many drink coffee but few know the details about this amazing beverage. Here at Gallery 4, we decided to open the doors to the mostly unknown parts of the coffee process and explain what is special about coffee in general and our coffee in particular.

What is included: Welcome coffee/drink, filtered water, piece of cake/banana bread or cookie (before or after the course)

Sense Colombia

In a total of 2-2,5 hours we will take you on a journey with the following stops:

- Enjoy your welcome coffee

- What is Specialty Coffee

- The history of coffee

- Coffee types

- Coffee processing methods

- Steps of coffee production

- Hands-on action: Aroma calibration

- Cupping techniques: Blind tasting of various coffees and noting the aromas

- Q&A session

Make your coffee friends a perfect present! If you are looking to gift someone something special we can prepare a gift certificate as well and they can join any of the future events. Just contact us directly.