#4 Amy Antin - FRECHEN

2021. 63 x 63 cm / 1280€

Gallery4 location: Brick wall

There is an interesting tension between the gentle and somewhat antiquated field of French Blue on top and the somewhat smokey and dulled burgundy on the bottom. When my older sister moved out of the house to go to college, I got her room—for the first time, I had my very own room. My mother asked what colors I wanted the walls and the carpet to be. After careful reflection, I chose French blue for the walls and a rich burgundy for the carpet. Not exactly your usual teenager look, but I felt the combination was full of mystery. This painting is much like my memory of that time, a slightly faded and nostalgic version of that room. The blue is greyer than it originally was, the burgundy of the carpet has faded. Frechen, the title, is where I live now, although that other room is still there, and often seeps on through.