Portrait roaster

Juan Carlos is an agronomist and at the same time a creative artist. He worked for the Colombian Coffee Federation for many years until he noticed that they do not promote top-quality coffee, but rather standardize it.

In the roastery (from left: Michael, Rafael, Juan Carlos, Miguel)

A small house in the middle of the coffee village of Chinchiná, that is Juan Carlos modest roastery. Nevertheless, he advises fincas throughout Latin America and exports his roasted coffee to many markets, including the USA and, through us, Europe. His goal is always to focus on quality instead of quantity. In his sample roaster and the large drum roaster, all steps are manually controlled and influenced. A true art.

Its mission is also to grow together with the local community. This is the only way for sustainable business. That's why he works with different farmers and helps them to switch from bulk to specialty coffee that is more sustainable and better for everyone. Don Jaime , who supplies our wonderful Geisha and Honey, is his good friend and longtime partner in specialty coffee development.

Quality begins with the selection of green coffee