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Exclusive coffee with history - for your company!

Whether for a marketing agency, designer studio, IT office, staff room or that special café - we offer a tailor-made solution for everyone.

Many are familiar with the problem of bad coffee at work. There are many options - from capsules to filter machines to fully automatic machines. Many bosses resort to the latter. Unfortunately, they neither produce satisfactory results nor underline a modern and sustainable company philosophy .

An email to is sufficient. Or call us directly.

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Michael Timofeev - 0172 8982953 | Rafael Dunajski - 0176 24996897

Why our coffee?

Exquisite specialty coffee Fair and sustainable value creation Long-term personal
Masterful in processing, at least 85 points in cupping and exclusive varieties We create fair jobs and leave more value in the country of origin as we produce 100% locally A personal solution for your company is important to us. We ensure long-term cooperation with attractive conditions

Would you like to enter the world of specialty coffee now?

We are fans of filter coffee and soon you will be too, we promise! Choose from our five exquisite types of coffee and together we will find the right machine/grinder solution. Guaranteed cheaper and tastier than boring standard office coffee.

Whether the Chemex for small offices, the solid Moccamaster KBG Select for medium-sized companies or reliable automatic filter machines for high demands and large numbers of cups.

Do you already have a fully automatic machine or portafilter?

Then our Liliana Lavado is just right for you. Talk to us about special offers.

Where exactly does the coffee come from? A four-minute journey with us to Colombia