Sustainability 2.0

100% sustainable packaging

There are many small roasteries these days and specialty coffee is a household name for more and more people. But what about the packaging? One has to realize that even the paper bags trimmed to be eco-friendly on the outside often have many plastic elements, from the valve to the zipper to the inner foil.

We decided against it! Our coffee bags are 100% biodegradable - a major difference to "recyclable" - the bag can therefore be disposed of with normal household waste. The inside is covered with a food grade film called evlon .

Best of all, all production takes place in Bogotá, Colombia. This enables us to leave even more added value in the country - true to our motto: fair added value .

Co2 compensation

In days of heated debates around global warming and rousing movements like #FridaysForFuture, we're excited to offer carbon-neutral shipping for our coffee from farm to your door.

For us, sustainability and quality are paramount. We believe that for a high-quality product you should use the most efficient and sustainable methods possible even after production. However, shipping by ship from far away abroad is very time-consuming and sensitive products such as coffee are exposed to the elements, which in turn can affect quality. That's why we decided to use CO2-compensated transport. This includes all trucks that transport the coffee in the region, as well as air transport and delivery to our warehouse. Of course, we also ship to our customers with DHL GoGreen.

How does Co2 compensation work?

We cooperate with the recognized company myclimate Deutschland gGmbH, which runs projects in different parts of the world to directly compensate for CO2. These can be reforestation projects, but also others that reduce CO2 pollution, such as replacing coal burners for cooking with gas burners using gas from biogas plants. Through a detailed calculation of our transport routes and types, they were able to calculate the CO2 emissions per kilogram of imported coffee. We pay a certain amount for every kilogram to support these projects, which compensates every packet of Co2. The basis is a value of 1.2t Co2 per 100kg of imported coffee. Up to larger quantities in the range of several tons, we can make our contribution accordingly.

And here you can find a proof of the last import.

What does that mean for me as a customer?

In every bag of coffee you buy, the Co2 compensation is already included and you make a contribution to climate protection by preferring our coffee. Even shipping from our warehouse in Germany is carried out nationwide with DHL, which also ships CO2-neutrally.

In a figurative sense, this means: It is as if you had bought the package yourself directly from the producer and picked it up on foot.

Can I do more?

If you want, you can directly compensate for your additional Co2 emissions, be it for flying or driving. Simply visit myclimate Germany directly and donate the desired amount.