Portrait Finca

One of our special coffees - the Geisha Natural - is made by Don Jaime.
With his Colombian and American roots, he first grew up in the USA and was entrepreneurially active in the field of wine and gastronomy. Eventually he retired early and gave up life there to move to Colombia and find a new purpose in life there. Through his broad knowledge and experience in the wine industry, he saw the parallels to coffee and expanded his knowledge to include Colombia's most important export product: coffee.

Drying the Honey - Miguel with Don Jaime

After establishing his farm in the Caldas region, he met Juan Carlos - our master roaster. Together they worked very intensively to produce exceptional coffee. Several years of hard work and unhappy harvests later, the two can be proud of the result. And of course we are happy to work with such passionate artists.

Santa Cruz de la Palma is the name of the finca. A colorful little house in traditional architecture marks the center of the finca and Don Jaime's center of life. The whole farm extends at altitudes from 1000 to 1900 meters and there are four other houses that act as independent nodes and supply the farm. In the stressful harvest season, up to 150 collectors are employed there in total, as the process requires a lot of hard and manual work.

Main house of the finca - Don Jaime's home

Besides Jaime, the boss of the farm, there are some important people that we got to know, including a main manager of the houses and the driver who provides the people with food and everything they need. We were also on the road with him, because a normal car cannot conquer the unpaved roads and steep slopes. There is a steady staff of staff who look after the farm and the seasonal harvest hands who come to the farm twice a year.

But that's not all, Jaime's vision is not only perfect coffee but also the sustainable economy and altruism in the region. He offers interest-free loans and humanitarian aid to smaller fincas in the area. Among other things, he had a farmhouse converted into a school so that the children could have easier access to education.

We are happy to have a partner at our side in Don Jaime, who represents our values ​​and helps people. Try our Honey or Geisha and you will feel the love that is in every bean.

A view over the hills of Santa Cruz de la Palma