#2 Amy Antin - WHITEWOOD 2

2021. 110 x 112 cm / 2800€

Gallery4 location: Short wall, next to door

The WHITEWOOD SERIES you see here in the room (there are 4 paintings in all), unlike the other paintings that were never made to stand together as they do here, may be considered either as separate works, or as a series. They were born of the fact that the beauty of this particular shipment of wood was so exceptional, that I felt it would be shameful to use the wood simply as background to my work, and resisted covering it with paint as I usually do. This consideration is what sort of kicked my aesthetic up and over to a new position, away from the representational use of wood and paint towards a more sculptural, object-based celebration of these elements. In the spirit of American artist Robert Ryman (1930 - 2019), the materials are as much a part of the aesthetic as are composition and placement.